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The Surbiton Club
34 St James’ Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4QL Telephone: 020 8399 2350 e:mail:
Club Rules and By-Laws

Approved AGM 26th March 2011


Revised March 2011

1 Name

The Club shall be called “The Surbiton Club”.

2 Membership

The Membership shall include:-

(a) Full Members who shall consist of Males and Females. (b) Corporate Members who shall be employed by local businesses or who shall belong to local societies and associations. They will not be entitled to vote at or attend General Meetings of the Club. (c) Temporary Members (see rule 16).

3 Election of Members

(a) The election of Members shall be vested in the Committee. A Candidate for admission must be nominated by two full Members of six months duration and shall sign a written agreement to conform, if elected, to the rules of the Club; the Candidate’s name shall be posted on the Notice Board at least 14 days before the ballot for the proposed Member’s admission is taken. The proposed Member together with the Proposer shall be interviewed by the committee at its discretion. (b) Re-election of Members All Full and Corporate Members shall be re-elected annually at the Committee meeting held in November. The Committee shall have the sole right to re-elect a Member and no reason need be assigned for their refusal to do so. A majority decision of the Committee shall be final. Any Member not re-elected must not use the Club or its precincts (see rule 17b) (c) A period of three months’ probation to be served by all new FULL members from the period of their election

4 Entrance Fees and Subscriptions

The subscription payable to Members shall be determined from time to time by the Committee, who reserve the right to impose an entrance fee if necessary.

5.1 Only food & drink purchased in the club may be consumed on the premises, unless by prior arrangement with the committee.

5.2 Subscriptions, when due, and consequence of non-payment:

(a) Annual Subscriptions shall be payable in advance on January 1st in each year. If any Member’s subscription is not paid within one calendar month after it becomes due, the Club Secretary will advise Member(s) accordingly If the subscription is not paid within one calendar month from that advice the Committee is empowered to erase the name from the list of Members of the Club. Any Member who enters the Club after January 1st in any year shall pay the subscription for that year.
All subscriptions shall be paid to the Club Secretary or Treasurer. (b) The Entrance Fee (if any) and subscription of a Member elected during the year shall be payable within one month of the election, failing which, the election shall be deemed to be null and void. (c) Subscription of any new Member, elected during November or December, shall be given the benefit of the subscription running until the end of the following year.

6 Members resigning to give notice

Any Member intending to resign from Membership must signify that intention in writing to the Club Secretary.

7 Management – Election of the Committee and Officers

(a) The business of the Club shall be managed by the Committee which, until otherwise determined in General Meeting, shall consist of seven elected Full Members together with the Club Secretary and Treasurer, Any five to form a quorum. (b) The election of a Club Treasurer and Club Secretary shall take place at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations should be requested at the same time as other nominations for the Committee. (c) The Chairperson shall be appointed by the Committee from one of their elected members, a deputy Chairperson may also be appointed if required. (d) All Candidates for election to the Committee, as provided for in Rule 7, paragraph (a), shall be proposed and seconded by two Full Members of the Club. (e) Each Full Member shall be entitled to one vote for each vacancy occurring on the Committee but shall not cast more than one vote for any one Candidate. (f) Nominations of Candidates must be received by the Club Secretary and posted on the Notice Board of the Club at least two weeks prior to the day appointed for the Ballot, and remain posted until after the ballot. (g) The dates and hours of the Ballot shall be posted on the Club notice board (h) Ballot papers may not be removed from the Club premises, they must be completed on collection and placed in the Ballot Box provided. (i) Two elected members from the retiring Committee shall be invited to remain in office for a further year without submitting themselves for re-election at the AGM. The Committee shall determine the two Members to remain in office for a further year, but no Member may be so retained in office for more than one year. (j) The Committee shall appoint the Club Secretary and two Scrutineers to carry out the Ballot, neither of the Scrutineers shall be a Member of the Committee or a Candidate. The names of the Scrutineers shall be published at the same time as the dates and hours of the Ballot are published. The Scrutineers and Club Secretary shall have full control of the Ballot and the Ballot Box and no other Member must interfere with the Ballot Box. The result of the Ballot shall be declared at the A.G.M or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club. (k) In the case of a number of votes resulting in a tie between one or more Candidates than there are vacancies to be filled, the election shall be decided by a show of hands by the Members present. (l) The Committee has authority to restrict entry of Members to Club for special events, these not to exceed 4 in any 12 month period or to ensure compliance with Fire Regulations

8 President of the Club

The holder of the office must have been a Full Member for at least 5 years, must be properly elected, and shall remain in office for 5 years. The election for the first incumbent took place at the Annual General Meeting in March, 1990. Nominations for future candidates must be received by the Club Secretary under the same conditions as nominations for the Committee are required under the existing rule governing “Management – Election of the Committee and Officers”. The President will be an officer of the Club and will preside at all General Meetings.

In the event of a vacancy for any reason, the office may be filled by election at the next General Meeting.

9 Committee Casual Vacancies

(a) In the event of a casual vacancy occurring on the Committee the remaining Members of the Committee shall appoint the Member with the highest unsuccessful number of votes at the last A.G.M. to fill such a vacancy until the next A.G.M., or otherwise shall appoint a qualified Member in the event of there being no such Candidate. Any Member so appointed shall retire at the next A.G.M. but shall be eligible for election as a Member of the Committee at such Meeting. (b) In the event of three or more Members of the Committee, other than an Officer, resigning at any one time, the Club Secretary shall obtain nominations and a Ballot shall be held within thirty days of such resignation for the election of a new Committee. The result of the Ballot shall be declared at an Extraordinary General Meeting called by the Club Secretary within twenty eight days after such resignations. (c) In the event of a vacancy in the office of Club Secretary and/or Treasurer occurring between Annual General Meetings, the Committee shall appoint a suitable Member to fill the vacancy until the following Annual General Meeting. (d) The time and notice required for nominations under Rule 7(f) shall not apply in this case.

10 Powers of the Committee

All the concerns of the Club shall be entrusted to and managed by the Committee. In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the powers so conferred, the Committee shall have the power:-

(a) to provide fixtures, fittings, publications and any effects of every description requisite or convenient for the Club’s premises, and may from time to time sell or dispose of all or any of such fittings and fixtures (provided that 7 days’ notice of such intention to sell or dispose of, be posted on the Notice Board) and may substitute others at their discretion; (b) to raise or borrow any monies for any of the purposes of this Rule or for any of the purposes of the Club and to ensure the repayment of such monies in any manner they think fit, and in particular by the issue of Debentures and Certificates in the name of the Club and by the execution of any mortgages, charges or other securities, upon all or any parts of the property, whether real or personal of the Club; (c) to appoint and, at their discretion, to dismiss all employees of the Club and to determine the duties of such employees; (d) to supervise and authorise all expenditure and pass all accounts; (e) to appoint any persons as Trustees to hold any property belonging to the Club in trust for the Club, or to secure any monies borrowed by the Club, and to effectually indemnify all such Trustees out of the property of the Club; (f) to execute, sign and authorise any Deeds, documents, or other matters in the name of the Club for any of the purposes of this Rule, or for any other purpose of the Club; (g) to appoint any sub-committee for any special purpose; (h) from time to time to make, vary and repeal By-Laws for the regulation of the Club and its Members and employees.

11 Committee Meetings

(1) The Committee may meet together for the transaction of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate their Meetings as they see fit. At these Meetings the Club Treasurer shall present the accounts relating to the preceding month. Questions arising at any such Meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes and in the case of an equality of votes the Chairperson of the Meeting shall have the casting vote. Any five Members of the Committee shall form a quorum for any purpose including Club Treasurer and Club Secretary who shall also be eligible to vote at Meetings.

(2a) The Club Secretary shall summon and attend all Meetings, and take minutes of the proceedings, and shall keep upon the premises a register of the names and addresses of all Members of the Club, showing when their last subscription was paid.

(2b) The Club Secretary shall comply with the necessary requirements of Club Rules and Licensing Act 2003 and be appointed as Designated Premises Supervisor.

(2c) The Club Treasurer shall receive all monies on account of the Club and pay such monies into the Club’s Bank Account in accordance with the directions of the Committee and keep all accounts, documents and papers and do all things relating to the Club in such a manner as the Committee may direct.

12 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting, of which fourteen days’ notice shall be sent to each Full Member at the last known address, and such notice also, shall be posted on the Notice Board, shall be held in March of each year for the purpose of receiving the Revenue Accounts, Balance Sheet and Auditors’ Report, the election of Members to the Committee, the appointment of Officers and Auditors, and the transaction of any extraordinary business, of which notice in writing shall have been given to the Club Secretary on or before the 14th February preceding. Ten per cent of the number of the full Members of the Club shall form a quorum.

13 Abstracts of Accounts for Use of Members

The Minute Book of the proceedings of the Committee for the past year and the accounts as audited shall be open for the inspection of any Full Member of the Club, applying for the same, provided reasonable notice is given to the Club Secretary or Treasurer.

14 Extraordinary General Meeting

The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club whenever they think fit, and an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called within 28 days of the receipt of a written application for same, signed by not less than 25 Full Members of the Club stating the purpose for which the Meeting is required.

Notice of such Meeting shall be placed on the Notice Board and sent to each Full Member at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.

Only Full Members whose subscriptions are fully paid are entitled to vote at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

No resolution at any Extraordinary General Meeting shall be valid unless at least 20% of the Full Members of the Club are present, nor unless the resolution be passed by at least two thirds of the Members present.

14a Liquidation of any Club Assets

Only Full Members of 5 years standing, whose subscriptions are fully paid or Country Members as at 31st December 1993 who can establish that they have been Full Members for 5 years and whose subscriptions are fully paid, are entitled to share in the liquidation of any Club assets.

15 Infringement of Rules

Should any Full, Corporate or Temporary Member break any Rule or Bye-Law or conduct himself or herself at the Club or elsewhere in such a manner as to bring discredit to the Club, the Committee shall at once take notice of the matter. The Committee shall call for explanations from the Member concerned and shall have the power to suspend the Member from entry to and all the privileges of the Club for a period not exceeding three months. Any longer period of suspension deemed necessary by the Committee can only be decided at a General Meeting which shall be convened within 28 days. In the case of an assault that person or persons committing common assault shall immediately be expelled, the name(s) removed from the Club register and forfeit all right to or claim on the Club and its property.

This Rule does not exclude the right of the Committee under Rule 3(b).

At such Meeting, if it is decided by a majority of not less than two thirds of the Full Members present, that the name of the Member shall be removed from the Club register, the person shall cease to be a
Member and shall forfeit all right to or claim on the Club and its property.

16 Temporary Membership

The Committee shall have the power to admit Temporary Members on such terms as they may, from time to time, determine and until otherwise determined the terms of admission shall be as follows:-

(a) Subscriptions for six consecutive months’ membership at one half of the annual subscription paid by a Full member obtaining at the time. (b) No Temporary Membership shall exceed six months in any one year. (c) The Committee may elect Temporary Members for one day only for any special occasion by a notice on the Club Notice Board. (d) No Temporary Member may attend an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

17 Visitors

(a) Members other than Temporary Members shall be entitled to introduce Visitors to the Club. The name and address of every such Visitor shall be entered, together with the name of the introducing Member, in the Visitors Book.

No Visitor shall be admitted to the Club on more than 2 days in any one month and not more than 2 days consecutively.

(b) The following shall not be admitted as Visitors:- (i) Former Members who have been expelled. (ii) Persons who have been nominated as Members and rejected.

(c) Young persons under the age of 13 years are not allowed in the Club

18 (a) Complaints to be referred to the Committee

Any inattention or improper conduct on the part of the Staff, or any other conduct giving rise to complaint, shall be stated in writing and signed by a Member and sent to the Club Secretary who shall lay the same complaint before the Committee at its next Meeting.

(b) Abuse of a Member of Staff

Physical or verbal abuse is not acceptable and action will immediately be taken under rule 15

19 Club Property

No Members shall take away from the Club House any newspapers, pamphlets, books or other articles, the property of the Club, or mutilate the same in any way.

20 Payment before leaving

All Members shall pay every expense they may incur before they leave the premises, subject to the discretion of the Committee.

21 Animals not admitted

No animals shall be allowed in the Club, unless at Committee’s discretion or the animal is supporting a disabled member or guest e.g. guide dog

22 Members to furnish Club Secretary with their change of address

The Members of the Club shall communicate any change of address to the Club Secretary; and all notices and circulars sent by post to, or delivered by hand at such addresses, shall be deemed sufficient and to have been received by the Member concerned. For the purposes of this rule the use of electronic mail to is acceptable.

23 Loss of personal property – Members own liability

Hats, coats, umbrellas, cars and all other articles, being the personal property of Members or Visitors and left in the cloakroom or elsewhere in the Club premises or grounds, are so left entirely at their owner’s risk. No liability attaches to the Club or to the Committee for the loss or damage to any such property from any cause whatsoever, and whether due to the neglect of any members, servants or agent of the Club or not.

Outdoor wear shall not be worn or left in the lounges or bars, but shall be placed in the appropriate cloakroom, as shall other articles such as shopping bags and the like.

24 Alteration of Rules

Rules may be amended or repealed and new Rules created by secret ballot of Members, the general provisions of rule 7(j) shall apply and notice given in accordance with Rules 12 or 14 as may be appropriate.

25 Rules to be provided

The Rules and By-Laws of the Club shall be provided, a copy shall be delivered by the Club Secretary to each Member on application and a copy placed on the Notice Board.

26 Hours of Opening - Licensing Act 2003

(a) The Club shall be open as follows:-

Mondays to Thursdays 11.00am until 11.30pm (inclusive) Friday and Saturday 11.00am until Midnight Sundays 12 noon until 11.00pm

(b) Subject to the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 and the approval of the appropriate authorities, the Committee is empowered to change these hours if it is considered in the interests of the Club.

(c) Intoxicating Liquors shall be supplied to Members for consumption on and off the premises on:-

Mondays to Thursdays 11.00am until 11.00pm (inclusive) Friday and Saturdays 11.00am until Midnight Sundays 12 Noon until 10.30pm

(d) Whilst the facilities of the Club are available to Members during the times indicated in subsection (a) of this rule, nevertheless, for security reasons, admittance to the premises outside the hours during which intoxicating liquors may be supplied, will not be available.

(e) Notice of the hours during which the Club is open shall be kept posted on the Club Notice Board.

27 Private Functions

(a) Private dinners or functions may be given by Members at the Club by arrangement with the Club Secretary and Club Manager.

(b) Limited facilities may be granted to non-members, societies, local business and associations at the discretion of the Committee.

28 Use of the Club Car Park

Use of the Club car park is restricted to FULL members only who are using the facilities of the clubhouse at the time. Vehicles are parked at owners risk and the Club accepts no responsibility for
any damage or loss how so ever caused.

29 Smoking

Smoking is not permitted within the licensed area of the Club building


The By-Laws may be changed from time to time by decision of the Committee (Rule 10 (h)).

(1) The Committee requests Members and Guests wear smart casual attire at all times. (2) The wearing of hats in the club house is not permitted (3) The admission of young people to the club house is restricted the current policy is displayed on the club notice board (4) Visitors are not permitted in the snooker room, at the discretion of the Committee (5) Only food and drink purchased on site can be consumed on Club Premises unless with the permission from the Committee.


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